Auto Attendant

Use auto-receptionist to greet your callers and route them to the extension or department they want to reach.


Auto Attendant Benefits

Customize the Auto-Receptionist feature of your phone system

  • Welcome callers with a custom company greeting, select a default greeting or get a professionally recorded greeting
  • Announce employee and department extensions to allow callers to select the appropriate extension. Callers will hear options such as:

    Press 1 for sales, press 2 for customer support, press 3 shipping information…
    Press 1 for John Doe, press 2 for Jane Smith…
    If you know the number of the party you’d like to reach…

Allow access to your dial-by-name directory through the auto-receptionist

Help callers find the names of company employees and department extensions they want to reach.

Use regional settings for area code and hour formats

  • Set home country area codes at both company and user level
  • Choose between 12-hr and 24-hr formats