LANhome TECHnologies delivers high quality, premium designed with high functionality and speed, mobile and web apps to fit any strategy.  Our experts’ passion for quality ensures best in class design and function.  What sets us apart form other firms is our ability to see the big picture.  Our team takes into account all aspects of the project including overall design, budget and support.  We thoroughly analyze your goals, then build around them using your vision and our engineers and designers to create unique apps that fit with your company culture or lifestyle.

“LANhome TECHnologies was essential in helping us choose the technologies and development platforms that were best for us.  They made it easy to understand the possibilities and benefits, then implemented the design we chose with precision and courtesy to our personal space.”

-Betsy Lang

Platforms we offer development services on


    Android and iOS development.

Chrome_Google_Apps-developmentGoogle Apps and Chrome

    Business apps designed the way you work.

smart-home-developmentSmart Home and Office

    Home & office automation products.