What we do for your business


LANhome TECHnologies provides cloud services including many options that are customized to fit your organizations needs.  We take the hassle out of what can seem a monumental task.

We use proven methods that have been implemented thousands of times worldwide. We guide and help your company learn at all steps along the way. Contact Us to ensure the proper deployment.

“LANhome TECHnologies’ change management process delivered on all aspects of the migration.  Each step was masterfully choreographed to ensure users easily managed the move with no data loss or periods of employee inactivity.”
– Alan Davis, CEO marketing & advertising firm

 Cloud solutions and services available to our clients

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Understand the business benefits of moving to the cloud

  • Learn how to position your company in the cloud
  • Leverage the cloud to improve innovation from within
  • Maximize employee collaboration using simple tools
  • Create limitless office spaces with our mobility solutions
  • Ideal for mergers and acquisition, re-branding or changing domains
  • Cost reduction – improve profitability

Learn about the benefits of moving to Google Apps for Business.