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Bring all of your communications into one convenient place and move to the cloud.  LANhome TECHnologies partnerships allow a central place to keep track of all your communication needs.  Let us show you the benefits of a unified communication strategy and implementation of cloud VoIP.

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gUnify is a cloud based, unified communications system specifically designed and built from the ground up for Google Apps.

How gUnify can work for you


Click right from within your

Google Apps applications(Google Mail, Google Calendar, Google Talk, Google Contacts)

gUnify gives companies the ability to:


Talk utilizing our enterprise hosted VOIP services(Hosted VOIP, PBX System, Conferencing, Mobile Application)


Log voice communication activities automatically to your business application software such as CRM.(Call Duration, Date, Time, Notes, Contact Information)

Sales and Support Teams


Automated tracking of calls and voice interaction with leads, contacts, and customers, all from within Google Apps. The service is directly integrated into your existing phone system and business application software, such as CRM.



Mobile, on the go professionals & sole proprietors, are constantly losing track of their billable time on the phone due to improperly logged calls. You can now keep accurate accounting of your time on phone calls with a simple click.

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Additional selling points :

    Very easy to setup,deploy and manage
    Integrates with Google Apps
    Fully functional enterprise VOIP system

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Streamlined reporting for more effective management of your Sales and Support teams. Take advantage of our better visibility tool that will allow you to see live, up to the minute reporting on your sales and support teams calls.