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Frequently Asked Questions

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Using your phone system »
Purchasing your phone system »
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The Basics

What is RingCentral Office? »

What are the benefits of RingCentral Office? »

What’s a cloud-based phone system? »

What is the difference between RingCentral Office and RingCentral Professional? »

Purchasing your phone system

How much does RingCentral Office cost? »

Is there a free trial for RingCentral Office? »

Is there a setup fee? »

How many lines can I purchase? »

What is the cost of the devices? »

What are the shipping costs? »

What kind of commitment do I have to make? »

What are my payment options? »

Why is there an E911 fee? »

What is the Universal Service Surcharge? »

How do I cancel my subscription? »

Your business phone numbers

Can I transfer my existing phone numbers to RingCentral? »

Do I “own” my number? Can I keep my toll-free or local number if I choose to cancel? »

How do I select Vanity numbers? »

Setting up your phone system

How long does RingCentral Office take to activate? »

What’s involved in setting up my RingCentral Office business phone system? »

Do I need special equipment or a router to make this work? »

Do I need to adjust my network router settings? »

What are the minimum system requirements? »

How do I log in to my account? »

How do I reset my password? »

What is the Administrator? »

What is the Operator? »

What happens when internet or power goes down? »

Using your phone system

What features are included with RingCentral Office? »

I only want to use certain features. Can I purchase those separately? »

How many minutes are included with my account? »

Can I make International calls? »

How do I retrieve my voice and fax messages? »

How do I setup my greeting? »

Is there a limit on the length of voicemail greetings? »

How do I setup my company extensions? »

How do I customize my answering rules? »

What is the Softphone? »

How can I answer calls with my Softphone? »

How can I make outbound calls with my Softphone? »

How do I send an Internet fax message? »

Can I have my incoming faxes automatically printed? »

Can I use the RingCentral iPhone app with my service? »

What is Presence? »

How do I configure Presence for my own line? »

As an Admin, can I manage Presence settings for Users? »

Using Presence, how do I monitor the phone-line status of my colleagues? »

Using Presence, how do I tell if a colleague’s line is busy? »

Using Presence, how do I choose specific colleagues to monitor? »

Can I monitor the Presence phone status of colleagues who are using smartphones too? »

How do I use Presence-monitored lines? »

With Presence, how do I transfer a call directly to voicemail? »

How does automatic call recording work? »

What is Business SMS? »

What is RingCentral Conferencing? »

What is RingCentral App for »

Phones and Devices

What devices do you sell with RingCentral Office? »

How long before my phones arrive? »

Can I use my existing analog phones with RingCentral Office? »

Can I use my existing IP phones with RingCentral Office? »

Can I buy phones without purchasing additional service? »

Can I use a cordless phone? »

What is an ATA? »

Can I use my fax machine with RingCentral Office? »

Which phones are Presence-capable? »

Can I add to the Presence capability of my desk phone? »