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LANhome TECHnologies helps your business understand all the benefits of using the Google Chrome browser.

Chrome for Business

Bring the power and performance of Chrome to your organization.

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Chrome Browser

A modern web browser with an MSI and admin tools designed for organizations that need standardized, easy and secure deployment and management.

Enterprise Features

Easily configure and update Chrome for specific security and departmental requirements. Gmail, Calendar and Docs work best in Chrome, and you can customize your company’s rollout with Gmail Offline and other apps and extensions from the Web Store.

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Client Success

Businesses, schools, and government agencies are upgrading to Google Chrome for speed, security and simplicity.

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Chrome Frame

Businesses that need older, legacy applications can use Chrome Frame, an Internet Explorer plugin that brings the modern web to IE.
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Chrome Web Store

All the web apps you need to build and run your business.

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Gmail Offline

Install the Chrome Web Store apps for Gmail, Calendar and Google Docs, to manage your business even when you are offline.

Chrome, Customized

Configure Chrome and Chromebooks to pre-install apps and extensions from the Chrome Web Store for efficient deployment and management.


Fast, intuitive, and easy-to-manage computers designed to deliver the power of the web.

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The web for your business

Chromebooks are optimized for web apps and other browser-based business tools, which makes it easy for organizations to innovate quickly, collaborate from anywhere, and access the limitless scalability of the web. Chromebooks also include a web-based management console, enabling admins to manage an entire fleet of Chromebooks and users even if they are distributed across multiple locations. Together, Chromebooks and the web offer companies a competitive advantage over those relying on archaic IT infrastructure.

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Security comes standard

Chromebooks run Chrome OS, the first commercial operating system designed from the ground up to defend against the ongoing threat of malware and viruses, helping protect data, users, and networks from online threats. They employ the principle of “defense in depth” to provide multiple layers of protection. And your files are stored safely on the web, so a lost computer no longer means lost data.

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Cost-efficient computing

The price you pay for a computer is only about half of the Total Cost of Ownership. Deploying Chromebooks for your business in place of traditional computers can dramatically reduce your ownership costs by streamlining support, centralizing management, reducing security risks, and cutting out all those tedious manual software updates.

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Stay Informed

Receive Chromebook product updates, promotional offers, event invites, research studies, and other related news.

Chromebook Customers

Find out how businesses like yours benefit by putting Chromebooks in the hands of their customers and employees.

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A World of Web Apps

Simply click on the Chrome Web Store to access the latest tools on the web along with all of your favorites.

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